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Effective training for people with pain:

20 minutes with VR glasses on.

On May 1, our partner Reducept launches a new product that enables patients to receive evidence-based pain training in VR in just 20 minutes. This module, called Reducept Education, offers professionals the opportunity not only to treat pain, but also to prevent persistent pain. And it is a huge time and money saving for both professionals and the patient. You can read all about it in this article here 👇


Digital therapies consist of the use of software (computer program) with the aim of improving health.

Why use new technology in rehabilitation?

✅ Allows to enrich the offer of scenarios.

✅ Offers biofeedback to the patient.

✅ Simple customization of tasks and levels.

✅ Improves the patient's motivation.

✅ Facilitates socialization and telerehabilitation.

Play games with head movements.🛷❄️😄

The main advantages are:

🟢 You don't need to use controls or place any device on your body.

🟠 The program is automatically adjusted to offer the optimal challenge for the patient.

🔵 Gamification increases motivation and active participation.

🟡 While the child performs the exercises, the program records data (joint areas, center of gravity, balance...) which allows us to quantify development.

🟣 It is possible to work with patients in wheelchairs or with other aids.

Below are 2 videos where children play with their heads. Click on the video to start.

Software for virtual rehabilitation


several sessions per professional


monitored clinical parameters


of patients feel more motivated

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